Online Copyright, Trademark Protection

Copyright Law Protection

The term copyright refers to an exclusive set of rights: specifically, “the right to copy,” and the right to be given credit for your original work. Legal protections are granted to anyone who creates a unique piece or collection, such as online content, musical compositions, movies, audio or video recordings, poems, software, certain types of artwork, broadcasts on television or radio, choreography, plays, and theses.

The first step in ensuring compliance with copyright law and protecting your work is to recognize that copyright protection begins at the moment of the creation of an original work. However, copyright registration with the US Copyright Office renders your ownership of your creations official and may introduce certain added protections in a court of law.

Our firm can handle matters such as: licensing the use of material for specified purposes including radio broadcast or performance; copyright infringement claims; piracy; fair use; and essentially all other issues pertaining to the intellectual property rights associated with any original work. You should not hesitate to contact us to assist you with copyright matters due to the fact that you have not registered your work with the US Copyright Office, or if you are uncertain whether the work in question is registered. We may still be able to help you, regardless of your situation.

Trademark Law Protection

A trademark is an indicator or symbol that an organization or business uses to identify their services or products to the public. Trademarked works can include words, phrases, symbols, logos, images, designs or a combination thereof.

A company’s trademarks establish its official identity in the public eye. When trademarks are misused or used without permission by another company or individual internet user, this runs the risk of not only disrupting your business reputation online and offline but also causing revenue loss by deceitfully redirecting precious web traffic that rightly belongs to you.

As a trademark owner, you have certain legal protections under the law with pertinence to usage rights, infringement litigation, and even certain “common law” protections. Our firm can help you determine: what can be trademarked; whether your work is unique; how to register the work; how to properly notate your trademarks; and when the pursuance of legal recourse may be viable under current law.

Patent Law Protection

The term patent refers to an exclusive set of rights which are granted to an individual who invents something new and unique. Generally, inventors seek patent registration prior to disclosing their ideas to any private or public entities for potential manufacturing, usage, sale, or modifications.

Patent protections grant inventors exclusive rights to use, make, distribute and sell their work. The law is clear in protecting those who have registered their inventions and prohibits others from using the patented invention in instances where permission has not been officially granted.

How Our Services Protect and Defend Your Intellectual Property Rights

As leading internet law attorneys Los Angeles practicing in the area of intellectual property law, we can assist you in taking legal action to protect your copyrights and trademarks in several ways. One is by ensuring your works are properly registered through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. Copyright Office.

As a preliminary action, we can also search for and identify potential infringers, and discern whether another entity’s – or individual’s — use of your trademark qualifies as fair use or constitutes legally-defensible infringement. (Fair use includes activities like news reporting, parody and criticism.)

In addition to assessing the legal implications of a potential infringement and conveying those to you, we can also represent you and your case to other parties and legal representatives through written and verbal communication, settlement negotiations and court proceedings.